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Fortitude MB is a leading capital and strategic solutions provider for middle market businesses and unique investment situations.

We have principle investment capability through a joint venture partnership with a leading New York based asset management company and established relationships with over 300 capital providers at all levels of the capital structure.

We have the ability to write the check. With our join partner and special situations investors, we have the ability to make investments from $10 – $250 million to directly provide a solution. Our joint capabilities includes expertise across many different asset classes, industries, and special situations allowing us to move quickly and capably.

We have active experts internally to assess your situation, respond without wasting a lot of your time, and work to provide a unique capital solution for you.


Do you need a partner for investments requiring specialized knowledge or familiarity with a unique asset class or category?


Are you recognizing that liquidity, liquidity, liquidity has replaced location, location, location?


Do you have attractive acquisition or growth opportunities in the current marketplace?

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