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At Fortitude MB, we have tangible and relevant transaction experience and recognize that having the right team working to solve your particular financing need makes an important difference in the ultimate outcome.  Our team has been there before, from financing to structure to conflict resolution, and work to create the best possibility of getting your transaction completed in a timely manner.

Our team has completed over 150 transactions of all sizes and in multiple industries.  This demonstrates our ability to get transactions done.  We also know that every transaction and client is unique with its own set of complexities, viewpoints and personalities.  Our expertise is used to navigate through these issues to help find common ground and bring about a positive result.


The following is a partial list of our transaction history.  We are proud of the work we have already completed and are always seeking new clients and opportunities to add to our list of successful outcomes.

* Finalist for 2010 M&A Advisors “Debt Financing Deal & Deal Maker Of The Year” Awards

** Awarded International / Cross Border Deal of the Year by M&A Advisor in Dec 2006

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